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Welcome to ARIA – Discussing Pension News in Canada & Beyond

This is a blog from the Alliance for Retirement Income Adequacy to ensure that the ongoing pension debate, here in Canada and around the world, includes ongoing, current and meaningful discussion of the importance of adequate income in retirement.

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When Louis Malfaro, president of the Texas American Federation of Teachers (AFT), ponders a future without access to adequate retirement income, it’s not a promising picture he imagines. “If you...

Ontario has a new chair of the Financial Services Tribunal, with the government appointing Ian McSweeney to the position. The tribunal is an adjudicative body that holds hearings on decisions of the...

The largest public pension system in Ohio is eyeing cuts to cost of living allowances to retirees in a bid to “shore up the long-term finances of the fund,” writes Laura A. Bischoff for the Dayton...