At the end of its third quarter of fiscal 2018 the CPP Fund finds itself with net assets of $337.1 billion, compared with $328.2 billion at the end of the previous quarter.
“The $8.9 billion net increase in assets for the quarter consisted of $13.1 billion in net income after all CPPIB costs, less $4.2 billion in net Canada Pension Plan (CPP) cash outflows, which are used to pay CPP benefits. The CPP Fund routinely receives more CPP contributions than required to pay benefits during the first part of the calendar year, partially offset by benefit payments exceeding contributions in the final months. On an annual basis, contributions to the Fund continue to exceed outflows,” states the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) in a release.
“Exceptional performance across public equity markets internationally during the third quarter helped bring the CPP Fund to a new high in line with our dual focus on total, as well as value-added, returns,” Mark Machin, President & Chief Executive Officer, CPPIB, is quoted saying.
“Our emphasis on diversification contemplates the role private assets play in strengthening the resiliency of portfolios over extended durations. To create value-building growth over multiple generations of beneficiaries, our investment portfolio is designed to benefit from, yet not mirror, public markets even during periods of rapid market growth.”
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