Advocacy for adequate retirement income features prominently on the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan’s (HOOPP) newly redesigned website, with a section focused exclusively on retirement security issues.
“The advocacy section is an excellent resource for those interested in pension and advocacy issues … it’s a one-stop shop for research, videos, newsletters and other resources that explain how DB pensions work and the importance of having adequate retirement income,” says Darryl Mabini, Senior Director Growth & Stakeholder Relations.
HOOPP, one of Canada’s Top 10 public sector pension plans, promotes retirement security for all Canadians, with the view that the defined benefit (DB) approach is the best model to reach that goal. Part of that advocacy effort involves calling on individuals informed about retirement issues to become a DB Ambassador and to communicate information about the value of the DB approach.
The advocacy section also details how DB pensions reduce poverty and the need for government support among seniors, rely on professionals to make investment decisions with the members’ best interests in mind, and inject billions of dollars into the Canadian economy annually, says Mabini.
“Visitors to the site will experience easier access from a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Designers have improved the site’s navigation, and have added vivid colours with a brighter contrast for easier reading,” says Lauralee Guthrie, Director Marketing & Communication. “Overall, the design is modern and vibrant, with enhanced content making it easier to find information about HOOPP and the pensions they provide,” she adds.
Links found on the site include one to Pensions in Perspective, a HOOPP newsletter that explores pension design and promotes innovative ideas on providing adequate retirement income to Canadians.
The HOOPP logo has also been updated.
“It’s an updated look for a strong reliable brand. The tree, which symbolizes stability and growth, is now more full and welcoming in appearance. The green is more vibrant with a brighter contrast to ensure that all our communications are easier to read, in print, and on digital devices of all sizes, making them more accessible to users,” says Guthrie.

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