(Dec. 10, 2015) Canada’s Top 10 pension funds continue to drive impressive investment returns, contributing to stable pensions for their members, according to a new report from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).
With more than $1.1 trillion in assets managed by the funds, triple since 2003, the Top 10 continue to be among the most successful in the world, according to the report. Their combined success makes them “key players” globally, with the total assets equal to more than 45 per cent of Canada’s GDP.
“The Top Ten have shown impressive growth in investment capabilities and scale to manage the realities of a post-financial crisis world,” Craig Hapelt, a Toronto-based partner at BCG, is quoted saying. “Not only do the funds represent an important aspect of Canada’s retirement income landscape, but their investments also have a broader positive impact on Canada’s prosperity.”
Three of the Top 10 are listed among the top 20 public pension funds globally – among the largest pension funds, CPPIB is ranked eighth in size and third in prominent global players in the alternative asset management industry.
Together, the Top 10 make a significant contribution to Canada’s retirement income system, “helping to provide financial security in retirement to over 18 million Canadians.” Of the assets under management, “80 per cent of the “increase in value was driven by investment returns,” according to the report.
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