According to new census data, the gender pay gap in Canada means that women need to work an extra three-and-a-half months just to earn the same income as men earn in a year.
The data is from the 2016 census and was compiled by the Ontario Equal Pay Coalition and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA), writes By Marilisa Racco for Global News. It shows that, on average, men earned $51,900 in 2016 compared to $36,000 for women, resulting in a gap of $15,900 per year.
“The big picture of the wage gap is that it contributes to inequality, and reduces our fairness and trust in society,” Sheila Block, senior economist at the CCPA, is quoted saying.
“Women are important contributors to their family, whether that’s a family they’re forming with another woman, a man or as a single parent.”
The pay gay follows women into retirement as less earnings during working years translate into less retirement income.
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