A Halifax councillor says he regrets not joining the municipality’s pension plan when he could, and thinks participation for elected officials should be made mandatory, reports The CBC.
The councillor, David Hendsbee, plans to request a staff report on pensions, “as it relates to those councillors (past and present) that did not have sufficient information to opt in and now want to do so, with a matching municipal contribution to buy back time of service,” he is quoted saying.
He continues that he himself lacked sufficient information. Hendsbee has been a councillor for about 20 years, and while other municipalities require officials to join an available pension plan, Halifax does not.  He enrolled in the plan following the last municipal election.
“For 20 years he’s been taking care of his own retirement savings, he said. Rather than buying back time — he’s been told it would cost $31,000 to buy back one year — Hendsbee would like the municipality to match a contribution to his own plan,” CBC reports.
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