Some of Canada’s biggest pension funds are backing an initiative to study challenges faced by pension plans, writes Jacqueline Nelson for the Globe and Mail.
The Global Risk Institute, she writes, this week launched the National Pension Hub, designed to “generate new research on pension design, governance and investments.” The hub is backed by the “Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, the British Columbia Investment Management Corp., the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec and others,” adds Nelson.
“The purpose is to spur the country’s academics to study topics such as longer life expectancy, complex regulatory environments and the challenge of producing strong investment returns in a slower growth economy, topics that the members of the hub believe would be useful to have fact-based research on. These projects will often take two years to complete,” writes Nelson.
“Pension and income security seems to be a little bit the province of actuaries. It really should be looked at not as an actuarial science only, but also we’re all going to need a pension at some point,” Richard Nesbitt, CEO of the GRI is quoted saying. “This will also become a useful repository of information for people like governments as they continue to look at pension income security issues.”
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