While some investors view the recent stock market upheaval with dismay, others, including large institutional investors, see opportunity.
The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB), for instance, “sees short-term and long-term opportunities arising from the sell-off across global equity markets,” Reuters reports the board’s CEO saying.
“The short term opportunities are things that our public market investing desks will be looking at,” Mark Machin is quoted saying. “They will be looking at better entry points into stocks that they’ve had under research for a long time or they hold and this would be a good opportunity for them to get into at a better price.”
Last week Machin, reports Reuters, said, a normalization of asset prices could help the board bid for those assets.
“It’s been increasingly challenging to find those opportunities at good prices so a bit of normalization in markets is quite helpful for us to find more opportunities,” he is quoted saying.
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