Auto-enrolment in retirement plans is a concept with wide support in Ireland, writes Charlie Weston for The Independent.
A survey shows that a “large majority of PAYE taxpayers are in favour of a new automatic pension scheme being introduced for those who have no occupational pension,” he writes. The survey found that 84 per cent of those polled are receptive to an auto-enrol scheme of the type the government is planning to introduce.
In Ireland, only a third of workers have access to an occupational pension, meaning that as many as one million people will only have the state pension to rely on in retirement.
The results indicate most people would support a system similar to what is offered in Australia, where 9.5 per cent “of a worker’s salary (is) contributed by their employer into a retirement fund,” writes Weston.
More: UK’s auto-enrol system has seen more than 6.1 million workers covered since 2012.

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