A group of Texas accountants are giving students a little story of ‘Jack and Diane,’ two American kids in need of some financial education.
They are “looking forward to heading out in the world as a married couple with advanced degrees, secure jobs and, eventually, two kids and a pink house,” writes Lynn Brezosky for the San Antonio Express-News, adding they have a potential hurdle in the way of those plans.
“Jack had to help his family with Hurricane Harvey recovery and still has a semester of college left to go. He’s also got $40,000 in student loan and credit card debt. Diane has about $3,000 in credit card debt and a teaching job lined up, but both will need work clothes and Jack’s pickup truck is on its last legs. Neither has the savings to fund a wedding. Both want to earn their master’s degrees within a few years of graduation.”
And they want to save for retirement.
Dreamed up for the local chapter of the Texas Society of Certified Public Accounting’s “Jr. Duel” competition, the fictional couple help high school students taking CPA-designed coursework in financial literacy, writes Brezosky.
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