A generational shift is underway and by the time it’s over millennials will have replaced boomers as the largest voting bloc, the Iowa State University news service reports.
It references Dave Anderson, an assistant professor of political science at the university, who says millennials already outnumber boomers, “but because the younger generation is less likely to vote, it won’t top boomers at the polls until the 2020 election,” the service reports Anderson saying.
Boomers have dominated the political landscape for the past 40 years, and “fundamentally are a different generation in many ways, Andersen said.” Issues like net neutrality resonate with millennials, who are “the exact opposite” of boomers, according to Andersen.
“Young people don’t pay as much attention to politics, but net neutrality is the kind of issue that gets people’s attention,” Andersen is quoted saying.
“This is a little thing that could take a group, largely considered to be liberal and more likely to be Democratic, but not politically connected, and push it firmly into the Democratic camp.”
It’s possible, Anderson continues, that millennials could side with Republicans to overhaul Social Security and Medicare, key programs for boomers.
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