American public pension plans are among the beneficiaries of a strong stock market, including North Carolina’s retirement system.
Reporting for the Asheboro Courier-Tribune, Dan Way quotes the state’s treasurer Dale Folwell saying North Carolina is “seeing a surge” in retirement plan investment returns for 2017.
“We’re looking at a total return north of 13 per cent for calendar year 2017. We’ve obviously had gains since the [new] year started,” the treasurer is quoted saying. “We do not have the numbers in … it takes a little while to get everything aggregated.”
That rate of return would almost be double the state’s assumed rate of return of 7.2 per cent.
“The state’s investments are riding a bull market on Wall Street that set 70 closing day records in 2017, and 90 since the 2016 election. The current investment mix is about 35 per cent bonds in fixed income, and 65 percent in public and private equity, alternative investments, real estate, and other strategies,” writes Way.
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