Problems plaguing the federal government’s pay system have reached its pension plan, “a system that includes more than 850,000 government employees, pensioners and beneficiaries,” writes James Bagnall for the Ottawa Citizen.
The government has been trying to fix bugs in the Phoenix pay system, “the deeply flawed decade-long project to modernize and consolidate a pay system that affects 300,000 government employees,” he continues, adding “now these errors are threatening the government employees’ pension plan.”
A call centre operated out of Shediac, New Brunswick is tasked with calculating retirees’ pensions, a job that used to be “relatively straightforward.” Now, however, “pension administrators have watched with mounting concern as pay errors piled up … and began infecting the pension system as well,” writes Bagnall.
It amounts to a nightmare scenario, an administrator of a pension system is quoted saying.
More: Extent of “pollution” is unclear.

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