A group of retired Kentucky teachers is launching a campaign to protect the “earned retirement security of thousands of retirees who served a career educating children,” reports the Northern Kentucky Tribune.
“The campaign will advocate for fairness and fight political leaders in Frankfort who support forcing retired teachers to bail out elected officials’ mismanagement of Kentucky’s teacher retirement system,” according to a statement from the Kentucky Retired Teachers Association.
More than 52,000 retired teachers are being mobilized for the campaign, which has an informational website at
“Kentucky’s teachers have never missed a single contribution into the Teachers Retirement System, but lawmakers in Frankfort have continuously failed to make the necessary contribution toward the pension system since 2007.  That is the heart of the underfunding issue,” Tim Abrams, KRTA executive director-elect, is quoted saying.
“The pension reform proposal from Governor Matt Bevin’s consultants has angered and scared retired teachers.  Retired teachers are unable and unwilling to bail the state out of their mess.”
More: System nearly fully funded 10 years ago, says group.

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