Graduation, career, retirement: all milestones in life, except that one, retirement, has become less of a milestone and more of a moving target.
For many people, reaching the age of 65 is still a milestone, signalling a transition from working life to retirement. For others, not so much anymore.
“For millions of Americans nowadays, however, that’s no longer possible. Nearly 20 per cent of people age 65+ are still working full or part-time—the highest rate since 1962. After the end of the Great Recession, more seniors were forced to stay in the workforce for longer, in order to make ends meet,” writes Trent Gillies for CNBC.
According to AARP’s senior vice president of programs Jean Setzfand, financial considerations are keeping people in the workforce beyond the traditional retirement age.
“Our research shows us that 34 per cent of the people we surveyed tell us that financial drivers are a major reason why they’re staying in the workforce,” she is quoted saying.
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